Fin Walker

ARE presentation 5th May on Zoom. Fin Walker investigates ‘human behavior’ and how one’s past experiences impact the present. Her aim is to communicate to an audience the visceral, sensual resonance of what it means to be an emotional being, by creating work with the moving expressive body of the performer.  To support her creative work... Continue Reading →

The Listening Wall: Iris Garrelfs

The Listening Wall is a wall of curated scores for listening and sound-related instruction scores. Within the exhibition space, these scores are also available as print-outs for audiences to take and experience at a time of their choosing. Some scores focus our attention on the experience of listening and the quality of the sound itself;... Continue Reading →

Anna Walker, Falling / September 11th

Video Still from 'Remembering' (Walker, 2017) Today is September 11 and no matter how much healing and work I do to lay the ghosts to rest, this day continues to bring outpourings of grief. When I started PhD research, my intention was to look at trauma in someone else’s body, not mine. But early on... Continue Reading →

Future Ghosts and Biosemiotic Chronotopes

Stephanie Moran Stephanie Moran I’m going to speak about some ideas informing my current eco-sci-fi project in development, alien holobiontology, and some of the recent projects it develops out of, in a nonlinear way. This is research in progress, I'm still thinking it through. This is a collection of thoughts about and reflections in response... Continue Reading →

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