ARE (Art, Resilience (research), Economy) is a trans-disciplinary international group of artists, writers, performers and researchers. We investigate concepts of individual and collective agency from locations across the UK, Europe, Canada and Israel. Created in 2018, we currently have 15 members, meeting once a month, online, to share our artistic practices and disseminate research.

We are an adaptable form with the ability to correspond to space and the environment, moving across boundaries to explore new territories, new ways of communication, and connection. For more information about collaborative projects see the News page or click on the individual members’ links below.


Dr Belen Cerezo

Dr Jo Milne

Dr Anna Walker

Dr Iris Garrelfs

Fin Walker

Dr Dolores Steinman

Susanna Hood

Renee Carmichael

Sarah Bild

Dr Louise Mackenzie

Dr Davina Kirkpatrick

Dr Siobhan O’Neil

Pepa Ivanova

WhiteFeather Hunter

Julia Krolik

Visiting Artists:

Ada Hao

Stephanie Moran

May Zarhy

AnneMarie Maes

Michael Rathbone

Talia de-Vries

Eva Marín

Elisa Arteta

Edith Doove

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