October 2022

Iris Garrelfs: On the 5 October, Iris will be on the Daphne Oram Awards jury. The Oram Awards is a platform for innovation in sound, music, and related technologies. It is a partnership between UK-based organisations: The Radiophonic Institute, PRS Foundation, and the Daphne Oram Trust, to elevate the work and voices of women and gender minority music creators in electronic music. https://www.oramawards.com 

Anna Walker with composer and musician Ben Park, percussionist JT (James Taylor), and directed by Michael Harvey will be performing ‘7 Wild Geese’ on 8th October @WycombeArts For more information: www.thecityartsdoctors.com

September 2022

Anna Walker: The Dreamer Awakes: workshops 10th and 24th September and performance, 8th October.

Iris Garrelfs: 30 September: Mopomoso TV showing a performance video with Juden Cowan Montague https://mopomoso.tv And, September 6th: Keynote lecture “Breathing through Wires: Improvisation and Process” at the 9th Music and/as Process Conference, University for the Creative Arts, Falkner Rd, Farnham.

Louise Mackenzie: 2022 Ruptures and Wrongfootings – Destabilising Disciplinary Cultures, Leonardo 2022; 55 (2): 186–190. And Sharing Space – Interdisciplinary Approaches Beyond STEM and STEAM – Hybrid Labs Conference, Porto. Also, Sounding Coastal Communities – BE THE SEA, AUDIRE, Braga.

Davina Kirkpatrick and Dolores Steinman will be sharing their research 12 to 17 September 2022: Materializing Ephemerality and Loss @FEM22 in Portugal. They will be joined by Jo Milne, who will disseminate her essay: Artistic production based on processes that coexist within temporary contexts. And Louise Mackenzie, BioDwelling: Living with Living Material.

August 2022

Iris Garrelfs: August 18th will share Field recordings and the Voice at the International Field Recording Meeting Mexico, online from 10am-3pm https://eigc.info

Jo Milne: Art, Ciència i Pensament Documentary about the exhibition IN_CERT, HerVA Films 2022. And, Beca OCID, Recerca i Innovació en Arts Visuals 2022 (Research grant for investigations at the Museu Moli Paperer de Capellades) from Generalitat de Catalunya

Anna Walker, Iris Garrelfs and Louise Mackenzie will be sharing their research and ARE’s journey @The Listening Academy From August 29th – 4th September 2022.

Jo Milne: 12 figures from the Barcelona culture scene offer their suggestions for the summer EL PUNT AVUI 

July 2022

Belen Cerezo is now a Postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Bilbao.

Currently, she is working in the collective project, Paisajes Tentoculares, funded by Fondart Chile. www.belencerezo.com

For more information: https://www.visitbuckinghamshire.org/event/tales-from-the-trees-1 or: https://www.turnend.org.uk/

June 2022

Iris Garrelfs: 11 June, Iris will finally be playing with the fab Tansy Spinks again! It´s a site-specific performance for voice, beach debris and recycled instruments at the Whitstable Biennale as part of the The Sounding Shore : Coast to Coast, 3.30 – 4pm, curated by Marcus Leadley. Location is on the beach close to the Whitstable Oyster Company. More info is here. Book Biennale shuttle bus from London here

On 16th June 6-7:30 pm she will be participating in a panel at Goldsmiths entitled “Practice Research: challenges, trials, tribulations and…epiphanies”. It´s on 6pm-7.30pm in the Richard Hoggart Building,  Room RHB309. 

From 1-31 July Iris’s companion A/V pieces Fog and Smoke will be available, all free and online at the Blue Lotus Foundation Project SpaceSmoke and Fog are two short experimental documentaries come audiovisual poems made from historical black & white photographs documenting early to mid-20th century air pollution, and (you guessed it) vocal experiments.

Jo Milne: Co-curator Exhibition Jordi Fulla, Des de Miyajima (co-curated with Jordi Garrido) at Can Sisteré, Santa Coloma de Gramenet. Commentary, newspaper: El Punt Avui.

Belen Cerezo: HOW TO BECOME A POSTHUMAN June 11, 2022 – November 27, 2023. Due to the interrelated ecological, pandemic and economic crises, we see that humanity and its anthropocentric way of living on a damaged planet is in need of urgent change. The digital exhibition How to Become a Posthuman is a first step and presents the initial outcomes of the ongoing transdisciplinary artistic research project Fabulation for Future. The sympoietic project began with a compelling call for participation to which numerous emerging international artists and philosophers were invited. Participants were to take on a fictive deputyship in order to perform together as an International Committee to Save the Earth through Speculative Fabulation. In a 9-month collaborative process, the artists-deputies explored in real terms what speculative fabulations can do to save the planet. They scrutinized whether, how, and by what artistic means a post-anthropocentric future can be shaped from the present. How can we rethink, reimagine and retell the earth as a habitat for all species with different spheres of life? How can we reconnect ourselves, these species and spheres in a non-anthropocentric way? How to Become a Posthuman is dedicated to fabulations, projections and thoughts that open up possibilities for agential performativity – an explicit “call for action” that highlights artistic creative power as an important factor for future processes of transformation.

Online Opening: June 11th 2022, 11am to 1.30pm and 3pm to 5.30pm CET

Zoom-ID: 818 687 5998 Passcode: yMGn2z https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8186875998

May 2022

Fin Walker: ‘A Macbeth’ A work in progress. A a synthesis of movement, text & live music giving space to the rhythm of the word so it is heard undiluted. It is performed by a diverse cast, disabled and non-disabled.

Publication: Collaborative paper by Davina Kirkpatrick & Carol Laidler, et al., Mendus, A., Kirkpatrick, D., Laidler, C. Speedy, J., Dunlop, M., Gallant, M., Sakellaradis, A., Wyatt, J., Wyatt, T., Remembering Sue: Last Writes. Qualitative Inquiry. May 2022.

April 2022

Match-Making research by WhiteFeather Hunter and Renee Carmichael is currently being exhibited in Adelaide, Australia.

March 2022

‘We Are The Granddaughters of Those Who Didn’t Burn’ (Walker, Milne, Walker, 2021) has finally gone live: https://www.afterprogress.com/exhibition

Based on the Irish myth of the Cailleach, it is a visual poem or prayer to the ancestors. You can watch the full video here: https://vimeo.com/589741306

Renee Carmichael programmed a website for an exhibition with other artists, but also as an artwork, exploring the limits, poetics, movement, and experimental nature of writing code. It launched in March: pabellon-de-bellas-artes/marea-modular

February 2022

Collaborative paper by Davina Kirkpatrick & Carol Laidler, et al., Speedy, J., Davies, B., Gannon, S., Kirkpatrick, D., Laidler, C., Linnell, S. (2022) Arctic Terns: Writing and Art-Making Our Way Through the Pandemic. Cultural Studies. Critical Methodologies. February 2022. 


September 2020

Dr Jo Milne, Dr Iris Garrelfs, and Dr Anna Walker unite to collaborate with Dr Catherine Clover on a new project for the UK/ Australia Season, 2021.

Iris Garrelfs http://irisgarrelfs.com/ Jo Milne: https://jomilne.com/ Anna Walker: https://www.anna-walker-research.com/ Catherine Glover: https://www.ciclover.com/main.html

July 2020

Jo Milne received Beca OCID, Recerca i Innovació en Arts Visuals 2020 (Research grant for residency at IRB Barcelona) from Generalitat de Catalunya.

27th July 2020

NSU hosted their summer workshops and conference online this year. Circle 4, Narrative and Violence explored: ‘Written on the Body: Narrative (Re)constructions of Violence(s)’ For more information: https://narrativeandviolence.com/traces-summer-2020/https://tracingthespirit.com/ https://narrativeandviolence.com/

Involved were: Dr Iris Garrelfs, http://irisgarrelfs.com/, with presentations by artist, writer and researcher, Dr Anna Walker. www.anna-walker-research.com; director and choreographer, Fin Walker http://finwalker.co.uk/ in collaboration with British television and theatre actor, Nick Holder.

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 18.12.30

PRINT.ed#6 is a fair dedicated to singular publications, an invitation to speculate about the book in its broadest sense. This annual exhibition of artist’s books and printed matter is an initiative that emerged from the confines of academia to create links between various educational centers around the world and to provide a meeting place for printmaking and the publishing and design of books.