15 Researchers, 7 match-making projects.

More information to follow.

Renee Carmichael and Whitefeather Hunter will share their research: January 12th 2022

Louise Mackenzie and Susanna Hood will be in discussion: February 2nd 2022

Jo Milne and Sarah Bild will be presenting their collaborative project: February 2nd 2022

Belen Cerezo and Julia Krolik will share their collaborative research: March 2nd 2022

Fin Walker and Iris Garrelfs discuss performative crossovers: March 2nd 2022.

Siobhan O Neil, Pepa Ivanova, and Anna Walker explore Collage Collaborations: April 6th 2022

Davina Kirkpatrick and Dolores Steinman: April 6th 2022

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