In-Between / Entre-mig

Anna Walker will be hosting as Sarah Bild and Jo Milne share their Match-Making research: on February 2nd, 2022 @ 5.30pm (GMT).

The audiovisual-dance project In-Between expands on the experience of Sarah Bild as a dancer and her interaction with derelict spaces in collaboration with the artist Jo Milne, whose practice explores the visualisation of invisible structures. The collaboration seeks to draw from Sarah Bild’s exploration of the impact of surrounding space on physical presence and Jo Milne´s interest in bringing into view what lies just out of sight.

It is a dialogue between media, communicated through online discussions. Milne acts as a conduit, transmitting the presence and texture of the derelict space, in this case, an old airfield in La Segarra, Spain, and Bild is the attractor. The video project acts as a communicating vessel, moving between the physical and virtual, between the past and present. Filmed at distant sides of the Atlantic, the air-raid shelter of the airfield, an underground tunnel with two arched entry points acts as a metaphor for this dialogue, as a communicating vessel, documenting their creative endeavour to inhabit the experiential and the virtual, but also the past and the present. The dialogue with the space but also with the presences of those who occupied the space, recognising the turmoil to which these humps that protrude from a plain in rural Catalonia bear witness.

Bild seeks to inhabit this space she has not experienced first-hand. She shares her process as she discovers its path. Milne works with her own experience of the space and images, both visual and audio as if to anchor Bild’s virtual experience in a common vessel that calls upon separate and shared pasts, new and imagined presents.

Screengrab: Sarah Bild and Jo Milne
Screengrab 2: Sarah Bild and Jo Milne
Screengrab 3: Sarah Bild and Jo Milne