2019 – Residency at Cal Franciscano, Spain

The ARE 2019 Residency will be held in Cal Franciscano, Hostafrancs, a small medieval village in an agrarian zone of Catalunya, 100km North of Barcelona. Here the skies are constantly streaked with the trails of aeroplanes and intermittent satellite signals, a constant reminder that no matter how remote we are all touched by the advancement of technology. This raises questions about global citizenship and the responsibilities of each of us as a global member.

The main impetus for this residency is to bring ARE researchers together, in person for the first time, to discuss the pros and cons of mobility and the values of communicating research body-to-body verses via digital platforms. We are seeking to establish a communicable understanding of the nature of and the future of mobility as we hasten to reduce our imprint on the planet while exploring ways to enhance and expand and deepen our digital connections.

ARE (Art, Research and Economy), created in 2018, is currently comprised of 7 permanent members. We meet monthly as an online research group, on the digital platform ‘zoom,’ to share our artistic practices and disseminate research. For The ARE 2019 Residency, we will be defining the nomadic and weighing up the benefits of in-person gatherings. We will be questioning the nature of artistic research and its many forms of dissemination, exploring alternative forums to exchange research, questioning the convention of symposiums and conferences. We will be asking, what is the value of new forms of creative practice and research that arises out of such meetings? How can these knowledge outputs be shared in a less harmful way to the planet?

 Further benefits of the residency include:

Establishing links between visiting international artists and locally based artists in and around Barcelona.

Networking with institutions: HANGAR, MACBA, EINA, and Metafora

In addition, The ARE 2019 Residency, in collaboration with EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art, Adscrit a la UAB, will host a round-table discussion and workshop within the Espai Barra de Ferro exhibition space in the heart of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. Through the comparison of city and rural connections, the residency will consider how place and interaction can impact research processes.

Cal Franciscano has been the site of 3 exciting residencies in the past.



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