8 Slides, 8 minutes. Part III + IV

On May 18th, and June 15th, arts-practioners and researchers: Belen Cerezo, Davina Kirkpatrick, Pepa Ivanova, and Fin Walker presented short, sharp bursts of their work in their 8 minute presentations. We crossed over to Spain and Brussels before returning to Cornwall and Buckinghamshire. It was a rich experience followed by a lively discussion. I am... Continue Reading →

8 Slides, 8 minutes. Part II

20th April 2021. Another rich meeting with presentations from Jo Milne, Sarah Bild, and Anna Walker. We moved through virtual spaces that crossed time and space, into and out of the body. Jo shared research from her most recent residency at IRB Barcelona. Sarah took us on a journey from Leipzig to Montreal, sharing the... Continue Reading →

8 Slides, 8 minutes. Part I

Monday, 8th March. Fantastic 8-minute presentations from Dolores Steinman, Louise Mackenzie, Renee Carmichael, and Susanna Hood. We traveled through the sounds of blood, viruses, and DNA, blockchains, and the moving, singing body. (A recording of the evening is available to view upon request).

Narrative and Violence, Macbeth.

For our last meeting, February 8th, Fin Walker, Iris Garrelfs and Nick Holder continued a dialogue that began last year at the Nordic Summer School Conference, on Narrative and Violence. They expanded on the panel discussion that took place after Nick's performance, exploring the nature of gendered violence in Macbeth. It was an enlivening discussion... Continue Reading →

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