8 Slides, 8 minutes. Part I

Monday, 8th March. Fantastic 8-minute presentations from Dolores Steinman, Louise Mackenzie, Renee Carmichael, and Susanna Hood. We traveled through the sounds of blood, viruses, and DNA, blockchains, and the moving, singing body. (A recording of the evening is available to view upon request).

Narrative and Violence, Macbeth.

For our last meeting, February 8th, Fin Walker, Iris Garrelfs and Nick Holder continued a dialogue that began last year at the Nordic Summer School Conference, on Narrative and Violence. They expanded on the panel discussion that took place after Nick's performance, exploring the nature of gendered violence in Macbeth. It was an enlivening discussion... Continue Reading →

Siobhan O’Neill

Siobhan O’Neill is an artist, facilitator and producer who works with and in response to individuals and communities, creating participatory performances and encounters as a collaborative investigation in to lived experience. She explores the territories of public and personal memory, pedagogy and place, with an attentiveness to models of co-creation. Projects manifest in a range... Continue Reading →

Sarah Bild

Sarah is a performer, choreographer and researcher. She follows an intuitive stream of physical imagery to create deeply textured and organic works of dance. Her visually impressive solo and group works, presented for the last 25 years in venues and festivals across Canada, raise questions about the human presence on this planet. https://sarahbild.ca/

Eva Marin

Eva Marin is an artist and researcher, she presented her practice and recent projects September 2020. In Between. 2011 - Ongoing Discovering the land in between, is a project that attempts to represent the uses of the area where I live called "El Maresme". It is a region of the province of Barcelona (Spain), a... Continue Reading →

Renee Carmichael, presentation

Renee Carmichael is a researcher, writer, and artist. She is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Art Theory at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero in Argentina. Her thesis research focuses on the aesthetics of contemporary dance and code (algorithm), exploring a relationship between the formal and the feeling. She has a master’s degree in... Continue Reading →

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