Pop Pulpo Octopus – as a symbol of artistic research


The Octopus as an example of the process of ‘palpar’, its tentacles feeling the way, the body adapting to the environment, slipping through cracks, moving between obstacles. An adaptable body able to correspond to its environment, slipping through boundaries to explore new territories.  An animal which in Catalan, Spanish and English slips through different sounds, from pop to octupus, as a reflection of process.

Process as a process of slippage, moving between territories, where the activity takes place on a table. Where papers, references, photographs move and establish dialogues, overlapping, obscuring, or creating strange details, snippets perceived through gaps of layered sheets. This process of making so often slips through the net, removed from the exhibition space, pared down, but as in a sketchbook or on the ambiance of a studio it is perhaps this magma of ideas that is where the excitement lives.  In Iceberg Z46, an exhibition project I developed with Jordi Fulla we visited the studios of 30 painters, seeking to understand their process and to bring into view some of the many activities that go on in the studio and inform the paintings, even though they might not be visible in the final work. A process of documentation but also of correspondence, with elements taken from each studio being placed in correspondence and communication with pieces from other studios, linked according to themes rather than authorship. An exhibition conceived as a journey of discovery but also of making the invisible visible.


Iceberg Z46 – Galeria Trama



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