The Listening Wall: Iris Garrelfs

The Listening Wall is a wall of curated scores for listening and sound-related instruction scores. Within the exhibition space, these scores are also available as print-outs for audiences to take and experience at a time of their choosing. Some scores focus our attention on the experience of listening and the quality of the sound itself; others aim to instigate relationships with very specific aspects of the audible environment. Others prioritize our imagination or instill mischievous behavior, reminding us that listening does not merely relate, but can also be “… disruptive in its nature” (Westerkamp 2015). It
operates from the premise that the process of listening connects us with our surroundings (LaBelle 2015) as a response to the decisive times the author experienced herself in with Trump and the Mexican Wall on the one hand and the prospect of renewed Peace Wall in Northern Ireland due to Brexit on !the other aw just 2 examples. To date, 6 incarnations have taken place in a number of different venues, ranging from academic environments to community festivals and a large open-air festival. (Iris Garrelfs, 2019)

Iris Garrelfs| Goldsmiths, University of London

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