Fin Walker

ARE presentation 5th May on Zoom.

Fin Walker investigates ‘human behavior’ and how one’s past experiences impact the present. Her aim is to communicate to an audience the visceral, sensual resonance of what it means to be an emotional being, by creating work with the moving expressive body of the performer. 
To support her creative work and deepen an understanding of the impact of behavior patterns and belief systems on the moving and dancing body, she trained as an Energy healer, and a body psychotherapy and has practiced and continued to develop somatic techniques. Her Energy Healing work and physical practice have served to deepen her intuition and listening and communication skills, thereby supporting the research & development projects she undertakes and her teaching.
5  2  10: 5 duets, 2 solos, 10. (2012) Walker Dance park Music for ROH2 at the Royal Opera House.
For the past 12 years, in collaboration with her husband Ben Park, she has been researching the synthesis of dance, text & music and their relationship to storytelling using Macbeth as a template.
For Brave Macbeth PW: Macbeth
Banquet PW: Macbeth
Tomorrow and Tomorrow PW: Macbeth
Inevitability of change

In 2018/19, Fin made her first short film ‘Unspoken Spoken’. She worked with a writer to devise a number of short stories about different characters all struggling in some way with rules, rules imposed upon them by society or rules they had imposed upon themselves consciously and unconsciously through learned behavior and  engrained belief systems. The film has ben screened in 23 different film festivals throughout the world.

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