Susanna Howard

Susanna Hood, dance artist, musician and educator presented her work on Zoom to ARE.

Based in Montreal since 2010, Susanna Hood is a compelling performer in dance and music. She was the artistic director of interdisciplinary performance company hum dansoundart from 2000-2013. She began her career as a member of the Toronto Dance Theatre 1991-1995. Independently, she has performed the works of various Canadian choreographers, composers, and filmmakers (including Tedd Robinson, John Oswald, Nilan Perera, and Phillip Barker) and has performed widely as an improviser both in dance and music. For over a decade, she has been synthesizing voice and movement into a dynamic practice through which she creates intimate, raw and sensual performance work. Her choreography, compositions, and interdisciplinary collaborations have been presented locally, nationally, and internationally on stage and film since 1991.

Below, is a selection of her work.

password: humsga – She’s gone away – originally premièred in 2006, this version a remount in 2011
 Shudder – 2010


The Muted Note (octet) – 2014

The Muted Note (duo excerpts) – 2014
The Frying Pan’s Too Wide  (excerpts from its first iteration) – 2011 
 Improvising duo with Belgian bassist Peter Jacquemyn (short trailer, excerpts)

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